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Darts, from the Field

By "Dartoid"

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 Report#11, May, 1996

Johannesburg, South Africa

Over the past week I have experienced some of the best Southern Africa has to offer. I have followed elephant families in South Africa's Addo National Park, drifted in mekoro deep into Botswana's Okavango swamps and even white-water rafted the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe -- but all I have been able to find in the "darts department" is an electronic board in a bar in Johannesburg. And it sucked big time!

When it comes to darts I have but a few principles:

1. I throw only my darts (Hammerhead GT's -- 24 grams)
2. I drink only when I'm finished throwing; and
3. I never, ever, throw anything but steel tip darts.

In Johannesburg I broke all my rules. Usually I only break the second one.

Just west of the city in a town called Randburg is a little Irish pub called McGinty's (Republic Road -- on the waterfront). After scouring the city of Johannesburg for a place -- any place -- with a legitimate dart set up I gave up and headed here.

What I found was an electronic dart board with a broken light and a broken scoreboard. I was given a set of soft tip bar darts with mangled tips. If this wasn't all bad enough the machine ate two rand coins and required four rand for a game, which at the current exchange is more than a dollar.

So, I tossed a few of my crooked darts. I watched most of them come flying back at me. I ordered the recommended local brew (Castle Draft) which arrived twenty minutes later and tasted like peanuts.

Suffice it to say I left McGinty's a half hour after walking in the door.

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