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June 16, 2019

Why I Really Lost That Match!

All types of excuses: funny, silly, odd, unique, popular themes, puns, and some that are just plain odd.  Have an excuse ready for that next game when your darts just don't cooperate!

Enter your favorite Darts Excuse
or browse the Excuses others have used!
  1. People! People! People!, L Quirk
  2. Loose Shoe!!, J Quirk
  3. Danny Darts, Michael Ritchie
  4. Darts weren't drunk enough, SeamusMcB.
  5. I'm so in your head, JayBear
  6. Falling Into it..., Steven Finger
  7. She just kills my game, Just a Girl
  8. Too Much, Jeff Legendre
  9. Must be my new Soft Tip Darts, Rex McKay
  10. Ones and fives are black holes, Bullseye Ed
  11. Crisps, Rappers
  12. The wind blew it, Carol Bretz
  13. The Wire, David Bennett
  14. I missed the wave, K-zone
  15. Sexy Distraction, Jim Cosmas
  16. Glare, Steve
  17. Too Close, Tim
  18. Wife, Andrew
  19. Kenny, Ed Knigge
  20. Too tight!, David
  21. One for the Guys, Triple Trace
  22. My shafts were loose, James Kliber
  23. Too Much Ben-Gay, Nate Porath
  24. Snagger, Shawn "Polter" Geist
  25. No Smoking in NY , Rick
  26. Conditions, Goose
  27. Voodoo darts, Pete Russell
  28. Brass engrained in hand, Gary J Baker
  29. Dart Elbow, Gary J Baker
  30. My First Dart was in my way., Geek Girl From Mars
  31. Mrs Santa, Rob
  32. To much Jewerly, Jackie
  33. Good Luck Charm, Dave
  34. IF I, Johnny Burge
  35. Its my darts , Jimmy Flurry
  36. More Aiming Fluid!, CrashnBurn
  37. Nice Motorskills, CrappyDarts
  38. This Damn Dress is Killing me, TheDartdoG
  39. Throwing Walnuts, Carol Payne
  40. Air waves, Andy
  41. Arm, Dave C
  42. I was flashed, Tom Abell
  43. Condensation!, Doug Griffin
  44. Brought the wrong specs, Darren Cotterell
  45. Junky Darter, Krazyeyzkillah
  46. Drunk darts, Lilliewbush
  47. Damn those girlie darts!!, Audra Amos
  48. Gumped it all up!, Double A
  49. I can't find my dart game!, Audra Amos
  50. I can't throw in high heels!, Audra Amos
  51. It's too smokey in here!, Audra Amos
  52. Call 911..I've been robbed!!, Audra Amos
  53. Who turned off the magnet?, Audra amos
  54. Someone pissed off the dartgod, Audra Amos
  55. Equilibrium?, Cease
  56. Tramatized for life, Zipper
  57. Ceiling Fans/ A/C on too high, Peter Buch
  58. Stupid Doors, Andrew Roper
  59. I need more aiming fluid, Shane Ross
  60. Beer, BILL
  61. Mini-me, Inccurate
  62. Beer Only Bar! NeedTequila! , Sherry Hindmarsh
  63. three hedgehogs, rony togan
  64. What's the Point, Dusty
  65. How Did I Win, Rony togan
  66. oppisite team too many fouls, Big Blackwater
  67. ANTHONENE, Anthonene
  68. Teammates, captbob
  69. Cards, rony togon
  70. Music, Dusty
  71. Foul!, Josh Thomas
  72. Really bad music, Ken Garafalo
  73. Flying in the Wrong direction?, Ken Garafalo
  74. Other people, Eric
  75. Footy, Jude
  76. Aiming juice, CJ
  77. Damn magnet, dartloser
  78. How did you get there?, Chuck
  79. Gol damn it Dad!!, Chad Flash Gordon
  80. It's FREEZING in here!, Doreen
  81. To Many Beverages, Gordon Matson
  82. Dale-ism, Kaz
  83. Ricks Classic!!, Ken B.
  84. Crowd, Rex McKay
  85. Ballymena Bubbler, The Vulchar
  86. 2 Tight, BARTZ
  87. Hit wall below dart board, Bill ( Wally ) Turner
  88. Crocodile hunter, Todd
  89. Caption Limp Wrist , Caton Hume
  90. Damn darts, Mark "dog"
  91. I left my brain at work, Mark "dog"
  92. Used, Mike
  93. Doubles, Norm
  94. June Bug, Buddy Kerns
  95. Darts Have Left The Building, Joela Caldwell
  96. 2 bucks, cheap dart lesson, Joela Caldwell
  97. 15 gets you 20 except in 01, Joela Caldwell
  98. My darts will come in time &, Joela Caldwell
  99. O1...Most Points Wins Right?, Joela Caldwell
  100. Time for New Darts!, Joela Caldwell
  101. Oooops!, Joela Caldwell
  102. Who Moved The Board , Joela Caldwell
  103. Blonde Blunder!, Joela Caldwell
  104. If I shot what I talk, I would, Joela Caldwell
  105. You're Lucky I Missed!, Joela Caldwell
  106. Why i am poo, nick abdy
  107. 64 oz mugs of draft 7hrs, C B (LL)
  108. Batteries, Rob Young
  109. Playing beer, Gumby
  110. Gas Attack!, Ron Mckay
  111. Can't See the #&*^#% Board !!, Rex McKay
  112. My parrot grabed the dart, baracus
  113. Just an excuse, Deuce
  114. Dart Fluid, bethadadarts
  115. Stinky Score Keepper, Joedy
  116. Karaoke Singers, Brian Spieker
  117. The NFL rules of darts..., S. Prescott
  118. Bagpipes, Travis
  119. Spiked Beer, Shane
  120. Arthritis, M.T Glass
  121. Biological Warfare, Kriz Kristiansen
  122. U.F.O. ?, Don Crile
  123. I hit what I threw at!!, Mike Grills
  124. There was no way i was FROZE, Iceman
  125. Doggie, Slaughterhouse
  126. Watery Eyes, Wayne Burke
  127. She was too fine., Paul B
  128. Dancers Fault, Southerngentleman
  129. Soft to Steel Conversion, John
  130. Dart Therapy, sara
  131. I am too on!, Marty
  132. Fat wires, big ken
  133. 3rd Dart Downdraft, captain1america
  134. Concentration, Nick
  135. Cher on the juke!, Traveller
  136. I play the way I feel, Vernon
  137. Oop`s waar`s my dart, Elanor
  138. My arm is seer, Curt
  139. Bed & Breakfast., Ross
  140. Damn wires., Ross
  141. I struggled with my doubles, Leon
  142. My scoring was off, Adrian
  143. Something wrong with my grip, Rajan
  144. I take long to get warm, Charlie
  145. I don`t know what`s wrong , Leon
  146. It`s not my fault, Jimmy
  147. I play happy darts, Vernon
  148. Empty glasses, Blind Badger
  149. Nonce!, Noncy Webb
  150. Not thinking, Ramon Quinones
  151. going thur a major change, Jim Poliquin
  152. Did u c the hooters on that?, bean
  153. Having a good time, Karl
  154. We lost-because of sympothy, husker
  155. So sorry, husker
  156. Aiming is Everything, Shane Dupuy
  157. Promises, Promises...., RTon80
  158. Oops- Dax Wright
  159. Oops, Dax Wright
  160. Ny mets opener........, Greg
  161. Wheel allignment, Rodney East
  162. Guidance System Failure!, Dartomon
  163. Well attempted poorly executed, Ron poore
  164. felloverinroad, Benjamin.l.Smith a.k.a the cat
  165. Need a Beer, Jim the Losser
  166. What can you do?, Kevin Connell
  167. Damn It Donnie!, DDC
  168. The Redhead at the bar, Coop
  169. "ArmorAll" on my fingers!, Scott Kingsbury
  170. Wrong Flights, Paul 'The Game' Hurst
  171. Wife in Labor, Dan-o McKeown
  172. Darts are not properly sighted, Johnny Boy
  173. moonstruck, ralph bradshaw
  174. Joe's My Partner, The Gamehen
  175. I kicked someone, Mark Hoppy Hamilty
  176. Had to make bladder gladder!, CC
  177. Having a Blonde Day, dartONEder
  178. A new set of DARTS!, Arnold Almanza
  179. Distracted by Foxy Barmaid, Paul "Whipping Boy" Webb
  180. The Cleavage on that firl, Timmy Foret
  181. Someone turned up the heat, David Maddams
  182. Sun in my eyes, Sherry Hindmarsh
  183. My partner sucks, Frank Wolfe
  184. Zepp, Crowbar
  185. Sleeves, Gusto
  186. Thrown Out, Big Dan
  187. Something else, Paul Bennison
  188. Spin Rotation of Earth, Paul Bennison
  189. It's not my fault, James Forty
  190. Flicked my ear...., Matthew
  191. Cold Hands, Rex
  192. Girlie Darts, Carrie
  193. Thought We Were Going Bowling , TheDartdoG
  194. The wall, jamie clare
  195. I can't find my Contacts!, The Savage
  196. Soft-tip's, John McCauley
  197. Lights are a little low, Mick Lynch
  198. Is this throw line regulation?, Mick Lynch
  199. It was the WIND, Shawn "Polter" Geist
  200. I hit a semitruck doing 103ph, Scott Spayde
  201. Partner stinks, teleport
  202. Wins every time!, I'm only 15!
  203. 2 much Practice, Betty Anne Walter
  204. These are not my darts !, neciebaby
  205. Too Many Jalapenos, FireButt
  206. Talking over the fence , Neighbors Dart Team
  207. 19s Force Field is ON, Sir Miss Allot
  208. Over the beer curve, Dave the "Bulldog"
  209. Couldn't stand very well!!, Missy Williams
  210. Waldo!, Jeff
  211. Tripped over my Tounge, MAC
  212. Fly landed on my nose!!, Jeff Moor
  213. Now i know why!, irish bob
  214. How do you like me now", Irish Bob
  215. Beer too WwarmARM, Fat
  216. Out of Dart Fuel, D Darts
  217. I FORGOT MY DARTS, Damn Pretty
  218. Gone With The "wind", Tim Petri
  219. Juggled, D5CAT
  220. Hooters, RALPH
  221. Hooters Bob Jones
  222. The Darts God is mad, Bob Jones
  223. Bartman's drunk again, Cornhollio
  224. It owes me!!, Squeaky
  225. Nuddy bar, KEVIN CONNELL
  226. It was the wind, Nick Agostini
  227. That Bluddy Roam Fubber, Dave McKay
  228. I've been playing too long, the bureau
  229. Haven't reached my limit, Susan Larson
  230. I thought that was closed, J PAR
  231. Lost my balance, J MAC
  232. Power failure, kevin connell
  233. The Draft, dartguru2000
  234. Purchase, Craig 'Sandy' Alexander
  235. Beer goggles / liquid accuracy, Randy Badasstelli
  236. In the way, Bas Linders
  237. Aiming Fluid #1, Karl M. Hartman
  238. The Thing About Darts, Karl M. Hartman
  239. Magical Numbers, SNiPER
  240. Too much lip !, Heather W
  241. Barametric pressure dropped, Jason Pearce
  242. O.J.'s Cornucopia, Golan Rowe
  243. Darts Failure II, Ramon "RED BULL"
  244. Darts failure, Ramon "RED BULL"
  245. My Contacts Dried out Again, ShortyPimp
  246. I was aiming for the trip 18, Guess Who?
  247. Him, DAVE W.
  248. Blood, Terry Marsh
  249. Stupid Cats, A Nonny Mousse
  250. My drinking team, k. garrad
  251. Board Not Aligned Properly, Scott N.
  252. Why, mcweimar
  253. Should i try next time, joel chmielak
  254. Miss More Hat Tricks..., Dave23inc
  255. O.T.B.A., Mark (Dartman) Robare
  256. I was right there!, Bubba
  257. I Play best in the dark, Rob Scudieri
  258. Because I'm short, Linda Scudieri
  259. Somebody moved the Numbers!, Steve Gonzalez
  260. Cough, Philip
  261. Too Short., freddy
  262. Why?, Joe Egger (Jakes Stage Door)
  263. Dickey, Jerry Dickey
  264. Move the Moose, Kevin Biddinger
  265. Staring problem, Kevin Biddinger
  266. Shrunk, Toneighty
  267. My partner wears a dress, R. Wiliiam (Willie) Geckler
  268. Leaned to far forward, Stevo
  269. Too many wires, MIke Draper
  270. No Car, Toneighty
  271. My team bit me!, Joye Who
  272. Stage Fright!, Chris Smith
  273. I'm Useless!, Chris Smith
  274. I lost because..., Chris Smith
  275. Was wearing bowling shoes !, Just Me
  276. The Dart GOD dosen"t like me., John Tadej
  277. Una Mas, janice hernandez
  278. Spot darts stink, R. Riebel
  279. to little, frans titulaer
  280. Buddy Greer won't shut up!, WEBDEB
  281. Dumb Luck!, Denzig
  282. Because I was wearing a jacket, Curious George
  283. Fiddle too much, Shawnie
  284. Oscillating fan!, SKA
  285. Bulls too low!, The Bullshooter
  286. It got drunk out, Toy Bine
  287. At least one stuck, Ninner Bine
  288. Stumble, Toy Bine
  289. "CAMEL TOE", Don Artimez
  290. What game are we playing?, Caton Hume
  291. It was a professional Pass!!, Caton Hume
  292. Which player was I?, Caton Hume
  293. Really Bad Karoeke, Ed Dubreuil
  294. Gone with the wind, Danger Don Reeser
  295. Bad 80's flashback, FarsaseGSM
  296. A guy FLIPPED!, Rodley
  297. Damn wires, george hoyt
  298. Henry Magee, Snug Harbor
  299. Board was crooked, chris roberts
  300. Fridge, Liam Rice
  301. Sid Waddell and Jim Bowen, Gary Eccleston
  302. Out of ShinerBock, Michael M.
  303. Had To Pee, J.P. Loveless
  304. Too many dart groupies, Bill Bartlett
  305. Can we skip bulls!!, Ray Furlong
  306. Wires were too thick, Ray Furlong
  307. Tripped over my beer can, Amy Iggens
  308. Why I never win, SBERGEDOG
  309. Tipsy, Ken Rushlow
  310. My mom is watching me, Stephel Verano
  311. Bad Aim dude, dartninja
  312. The Shoes!!, Mike from Jeremiah's
  313. An Angel Blew My Ear, Stephel
  314. Unbeerable, bob mello
  315. 8....ohhhh...18 Damn!, Andrew Persoff
  316. "L" on forehead, honda
  317. Knickers, Kris 'Stone Cold' Parker
  318. Cheese, Kris Parker


  1. Donny shut up, hehehe
  2. Bad opponent, Phil Domitrowsky
  3. Beer, chris edelman
  4. TILT, Thomas Sadler
  5. Bowling Thumb, Jasper Jones
  6. Cause,, MRRN
  7. Oh!! Those numbers!, Mike D.
  8. Shadows On The Wall, Joe Throw
  9. Shoes, stef
  10. Spree, yankee
  11. Hey, this is my first time., Rick O.
  12. Operator Angularity, Chappy Slappnutts
  13. Partner Has No Bra On!, Dan Kendall
  14. Boogers, Tiny in Texas
  15. Lighting, Himer
  16. Read the package..., FarsaseGSM
  17. I was just a Jody hair off!!, Gwen Waldron
  18. Hey Hey I'm all shookup!!, Edward Darbonne
  19. Board is too small, Jessie Jorgenson age 16
  20. Poltergist again, T.Villan
  21. The line tripped me, Fergesort
  22. Flight caught my shoulder, duffer sandtrap
  23. Cross wind caught my flight!, Chris Stone
  24. Bullseye's too small, Fergesort
  25. Not enough to drink, TOM S.
  26. Sex, Not enuff sex....
  27. Cable at the bar ..., Kevin Vena
  28. Bill Gates again ..., Kevin Vena
  29. I'm a Bachelor so ..., Kevin Vena
  30. Encourageable Darts!!, Sandi Curtis
  31. Bonus Darts !, Mug Given
  32. Driggs Did It !, Squeaky
  33. He was blind!!, COWBOY
  34. Someone Cheated, Dwayne Blount
  35. "Too close to the airport", Dan Kendall
  36. The Tale of the Bounce, Sandy Griffiths
  37. Wrong Trip 20, DAVID PIERCE
  38. He made it, Doc
  39. Finishes?, Rob Higgins
  40. My wife, oops
  41. Sweet tooth, Danger Don Reeser
  42. Three words, Joey "SEE YA!" Delgado
  43. Ladies Luck, John T
  44. Bruce M. talks when I throw!, Emily Johnson
  45. The board never lies , Phi
  46. No Dart Time,
  47. I Stink, Izzy
  48. Wife, Rob O
  49. Dart Store Mishap, Rob O
  50. Who stoled my tips!, John
  51. I knew what my score was!, Ferry Blommesteijn
  52. Laugh to long, Died Laughing
  53. Fan did it, Granny
  54. Willie's excuse, sue sue & willie
  55. Danger Level, Donkey
  56. Wearing no Panties, Ronny Brown
  57. Damn Happy Hour!, Flobius
  58. Spagetti arm, Tanisha Rajaniemi
  59. Dizzy-spell, Hu$tler
  60. Sun Spots, The Doctor
  61. Run-away S.C.U.D., Squeaky
  62. Carl Farted, MIKE KANE
  63. Budda's Belly, ALLEN MORRIS
  64. 1 or 20, William Coker
  65. Uneven, Helen Carran
  66. Planet Alignment, Dave Kremer
  67. Where's my beer?, firehawk
  68. Watching My Wife, Mike Edwards
  69. Pool-players, Jcannon & Pshaughnessy
  70. SOJU, Jcannon & Pshaughnessy
  71. Poor lighting, Erik Heiin
  72. Dog ate my darts, DMAC in CA
  73. Carl Mercer was behind me, Pam Riddell
  74. Bra Interference, Ethel
  75. Wind Sheer, Jim Haworth
  76. Foobar, Joe Abney
  77. playing dart god & dart jesus , ceejay
  78. Earthquake, Sean Call
  79. SOUTHPAW, Dick Roper
  80. Warmup, Charlie Snow
  81. Religion, Herb (The Hammer) B
  82. I needed what?, Keith W
  83. Glasses, Cal Conniff
  84. Freeze Rule, mike BELL MELL 3
  85. Kay was here again, BOB THORPE
  86. LSD, Tommy Tripp
  87. Look out for the "KIND", BRUSTERHAT WAS KIND OF THEM
  88. Damn flights, Farfrumluzen-Jeff
  89. The other guy, Farfrumluzen-Steve
  90. Surgery, Farfrumluzen-Bert
  91. clinton made me do it, ICameron
  92. Sun Got in my Eyes, BOB THORPE
  93. Attitude, Troy Sauers
  94. Stupid Dog, Strider
  95. New Darts, Bryan "just there" Wolfe
  96. If not cheating your not tryin, buttofuoco
  97. Chicken Wing, DON CRILE
  98. Undue pressure..., Ackster
  99. Chicks, bonzai
  100. That was THEIR Score???, JOhn C.
  101. Instant Karma, Andrew Annese
  102. Boots, Michel Wenmakers
  103. Partner sucked, rambo elmira, NY
  104. No Jimi On Juke, jeff gilmore aka "chilibone"
  105. Watching, Guni
  106. Darn Board Just SPUN !!, Errol E-Man ( T80thrower)
  107. Someone moved the target, Eddie Ignacio
  108. My excuse:, Dale
  109. I don't play soft tip! , Larry J.
  110. The dart hit my face., Frank Blondin
  111. I'm sorry, Carlos
  112. "Held it too long", Diome Garrucho
  113. "IT moved!", Vincent V. Garrucho
  114. The Team won't stop buyin!, A Conn
  115. My partner had gas, Mike Dickey
  116. Competition Sucked, Patrick Boland
  117. Lost rubber, no grip, Leona Soares
  118. Grip, Leona Soares
  119. Perephial Hearing Impaired, Reeanna Morris
  120. Big Tits, Me
  121. Cannot Check Tonight, Ace Phan
  122. I think it's dead., Brat
  123. Darts, smarts!, Steve
  124. I cut off my finger..., Spike Rat
  125. Dart Juice, David W. Gatchel
  126. He drank from my glass!, Spike
  127. Taking it easy, Bert "Dartman"Blare
  128. The Opponent was behind me!, V.KOKKINAKIS
  129. Something moved, C.Heatseeker
  130. Wrong Knee, Len
  131. A fly landed on my tip, Denise Athans
  132. Not my Darts, Kurk Fowler
  133. Pager went off, Dennis Geldbach
  134. Looking for a new sport, Annie Lopez
  135. El nino, ken klein
  136. Not Enough Lube, Glen Culver
  137. Damm those were big, bob castillo
  138. It was sabotage, I tell ya..., UnkFrank
  139. Nice Clump, JJ Martin
  140. I need Lefty Darts, Jim Martin
  141. Wake Turbulence, Jim Martin
  142. Beer, Rocky Rogers
  143. My Darts felt to light!!, Barbara Bestgen
  144. I didn't Like my Team !, Barbara Bestgen
  145. DATSQUAFFLEWOOD !, David Sorkin
  146. I need new Darts!!, Chris (badplay) Jones
  147. Cause I'm the Queen of Close!, Karen Smith
  148. Realized i really suck'd :), billy shearin
  149. Friggin' Belch, Brian Nance
  150. Hurricane AC, Ray (drunkonmyassagain) Brown
  151. Gravity Storm, Rick Anthony
  152. Astrological mishap, big al "the african child"
  153. Comic relief, Daisy Lea Yaon
  154. Should of , Mike Hoskey
  155. Floor tricks, Foo Foo
  156. My Opponents a Pro!, BEN NATIVIDAD JR
  157. TV Camera Lights Too Bright, Ben Natividad Jr.
  158. Non-alchoholic, Wendy Smith
  159. Lefty darts, Glen Cornelison
  160. That damned gnome....", Amanda "Banana" Brice
  161. The accident, Oskar
  162. Wrong Flights!, John Drago
  163. Wabbits Cube, Tony Moree
  164. Earthquake, Steve
  165. Groping, The Dude
  166. Wrong socks, Brian Lonsbary
  167. Bar Math, Ron Barnes
  168. A game? A SHOW!, Dado
  169. Blew a Hemi !, DELGYVER
  170. A wasp?, Peter Lindstedt
  171. I Pissed Off The Dart God!!, Marty Joyce
  172. nextadarts, Ken Dishon
  173. spontaneous combustion, donkeyboy
  174. The Big L, J Mc
  175. Shotguns Bar & Grill, Les Vandever
  176. People Breething to hard., Christopher "Happy" Lloyd
  177. Steel and Electicity, Mark Fox
  178. The voices in my head!!, Robert Tennyson
  179. Feng Shui all wrong, Karen Pollard
  180. Bud Darts, Al Yates
  181. Chalker's nose, vd/kg
  182. My hand hit the brim of my cap, Danny Levy
  183. Lost the flip., Pat in vanc. usa
  184. "No excuses needed", Brenny
  185. Banned from bar, Ray Petritus
  186. Not Enough Aiming Oil, DOUG EICKHOFF
  188. Broken Wrist/Arm, Grayce Wingen
  190. Low pressure zone, Paul Schex
  191. Pinball, Paul Schexnayder
  192. Not Drunk Enough!!,
  193. The Scorer had big Boobs, Mike Nappi
  194. Smoke, kahn
  195. Had to pee, Brandon Williams
  196. Not Me!, Robbie Makely
  197. damn country music, MARK HAMILTON
  198. Because I'm a Twat, Guy Keith-Miller
  199. Darts need calibrated, Chris Shanks
  200. Yips, CAREY MILLER
  201. Hopkins Disease, Mike Meggitt (buck80)
  202. The Wall, Rui Fonseca
  203. Too much carpet, mrdarts
  204. Somebody's Watching Me!, Ian Kerr
  205. The Board's Not Blurry Enough , Monica Nelson
  206. SDS (Stiff Dart Syndrome), Monique
  207. Wife Sold my Darts!, Rick Osgood
  208. I had a blonde moment!, Mikeee P
  209. The Sun Got in my Eyes!, Mikeee P
  210. Nude Pygmies!, Mikeee P
  211. I'm Broke!, Steve A.
  212. The wires are thicker, Babs
  213. I try too hard, Dart Goddess
  214. Ceiling Fans Theory, Steve Toscano
  215. Spin,
  216. My insole was crooked, BATMAN
  217. See authors name......., "Holly"
  218. Bad case of CHS, Me
  219. A Perfect 9 Dart Game !, Petri Nieminen
  220. It slipped, Jamie Oskin ( capt.crunch )
  221. I burned my finger,
  222. The Boards too far away, Colin Dunnigan
  223. my beeper went off!, david waltimyer
  224. Batteries not Included, Rachel Thorson
  225. Opponent's Silent But Deadly, "Soho Dave"
  226. Sally syndrome, Paul Mirialakis
  227. Ceiling Fan, Virginia Daly
  228. Too Sober, Angus Rat
  229. Rejection Button, Willi Heinermann
  230. Millimeters, SÈrgio Oliveira
  231. Glasses, Andy Huletz
  232. Smoke in Bar ,Eyes keep tearin, Al Cotto
  233. Astrology, Darthoilio
  234. 30 degrees off, Bill Cook
  235. double vision, dartless don
  236. I can't see!, Swam o
  237. Bongo's, Justin Whiteman aka Bongo Boy
  238. Contraction, Shar Roberts
  239. Truck ran out of gas, Mike
  240. No Cigarettes, Mike Watts
  241. Gravity, Bill Fyler
  242. 26 is my lucky number, Chuck O'Malley
  243. No gum!, Justin Hannah
  244. Practice, Dartholio
  245. Didja see that blonde, Jim Braid
  246. Dead brother, Jim Van Slyke
  247. Lucky Dart, Allan Mandaville
  248. Smoke, Les Vandever
  249. I Don't want to win anyway, Jim
  250. Sattelite interference, Jackson Hardy
  251. I didn't mean too..., Doobie Morphnik
  252. Lost It, Arthur B
  253. It's The Beer Curve!, Smokey Stover
  254. Psycho, John Steele SFO
  255. Have no lipstick on!!, Judy Withers
  256. Ate a chicken wing, mc slinger
  257. Mustang Girls , George Wright
  258. Wind Shear, tom germany
  259. "My Darts or Yours?", April Star
  260. Gravity Wave, David Cox
  261. Law , David Roy Andrews
  262. I tripped over the foul line!, Stacy Brooks
  263. Too Tight, Debra Powers
  264. Drunks Screaming in Dart Hall, John Parker esq.
  265. Poor lighting, Albert Webb
  266. grease from opponent, Ben Czekanski
  267. Scuds, Carlos Leute
  268. Wrong Church..., Andy Stazi
  269. Datsquafflewood !, David Sorkin
  270. Why did I miss?, Rod Mendez
  271. Drew blood, Lynn Kelly
  272. Nose, Alle Ness
  273. Stepped on line, adamsmasher
  274. It's all in your altitude, Rob McLaughlin
  275. Damn Karaoke, Andi Childers
  276. Food oil on finger,
  277. Lefty, Robert Butler
  278. Floorboards, Stephan Jokisch
  279. E.T., Mike T.
  280. There was this UFO..., James Herring
  281. The drum did it, Anonymous
  282. Math Impaired..., Cathy Moeschet
  283. Booze, Tom Harrison
  284. Bugs, Tom Harrison
  285. Faulty Guidance System
  286. Darn Triple 7's, Glen B Elliott
  287. Roach motel, Ronda Gibson
  288. Cross-winds, Karl Kuenning
  289. Dead Battery, Chris Sawyer
  290. cheater -- cheater, Gizmo Goyen
  291. The Sun Was in My Eyes, Phil Thornton
  292. Stupid, Robert Adams
  293. My Contact 's Popped Out , Mark "Skippy"McCormick
  294. TDS (3rd Dart Syndrom), Mike Kinnell
  295. The Loss, Rick Beedle
  296. Why I'm here, Rob Byrne
  297. Science, John Mearns
  298. Stevie wonder, Sean Speakman
  299. Too much aiming fluid ,or not?, Jeff Barthlow
  300. Hate darts, Jaime Shackelford
  301. Wrong shoes, Colleen Donners
  302. Beer Belly, John Buffet
  303. Humidity, John Sedore
  304. 2nd dart first, Clifford Myatt Jr.
  305. New Rx Needed, Lance Kent
  306. Overtrained , Tom Austin
  307. World Turning, Ger Donners
  308. Rushing?, Bill Lindner
  309. Custer, Nate Knuth
  310. Darn Magnets, Willi Heinermann
  311. Distraction, Steve Littenberg
  312. Is it bad eyesight or drukeness?, Chrissi-D
  313. Next Time, Bruce Gerber
  314. Electronic Dartboards, Anonymous
  315. Over concentrated, Gerard van Hulzen
  316. Failed to follow Gump's Rule!, Rick Mentecky
  317. Women, Sake and Japanese, Chris Bryden
  318. Naked Women, Keith Waldrop

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