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The North Lambton Secondary School Dart Club, (Forest Lightning), was established in the fall of 1991. In that year, the school principal was approached for permission to set up a club.

The following rationale was presented:

(a) The dart club will attract students who do not normally participate in school activities.
(b) All materials will be provided by the teacher.
(c) Full instruction will be provided and strict discipline and a code of good sportsmanship will be enforced.
(d) Participants will learn math skills and a useful recreation to carry into the adult world.

The school darts club has been very successful and now has a full membership of more than thirty students:(school population of 780 approx). Since 1992 there has been an annual double-knockout tournament to determine the school dart champion. This year the thirty six contestants included eight girls.

A separate girls darts tournament was also held and four personal trophies were awarded to the winners in both tournaments besides the school championship trophy. The dart club is run each day for the full lunch hour.(All tournaments are run during the lunch hour). The club solicits donations of old trophies and dart materials. The Forest N.L.S.S. darts club is believed to be the only one of its kind in Canada.

Info on the creator of the club: Roger W. Harrington M.A.
Roger has been a successful darts teacher and coach for more than twenty years. During that time he has taught over three hundred adults and more than one hundred young people how to play darts well. He is the designer of the Sarnia Pub Dart League logo and plans to provide school darts players with their own original "Forest Lightning" badge next year.

For help on any aspect of his expertise, E-mail Roger at: