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 Are Your Darts Too Hot?

We're not talking about your darts game. This is about physical darts and darts accessories.

Across much of the United States, summer temperatures get up into the 90's. Along the Gulf Coast and in many western states, summer temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit are common.

No matter whether you throw steel tip or soft tip darts, on a bristle dartboard or electronic dartboard, the problem of heat is universal.

In such temperatures, automobiles parked outside become large ovens. And darts supplies that are kept in those vehicles are baked at temperatures that may exceed 180 degrees. At that temperature, flights come apart, plastic shafts can warp, and even the adhesives that hold darts cases together can fail.

This is also a concern for vendors who carry darts supplies around to darts bars. If their inventory of darts supplies is left in the trunk of a hot car, day after day, many of the flights will delaminate or otherwise fail after a short time in use. Customers of such vendors should be aware of this problem, especially during the hot summer months.

To get the longest possible life out of darts flights and shafts, it is a good idea to keep your darts in an air-conditioned area during hot weather.

If it is really necessary to leave a set of darts in the car all day, at least store the bulk of extra supplies indoors.


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