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Darts League Officers, Duties & Responsibilities

Most darts organizations will have more administrative "paperwork" than one or two people can handle, so a group of league officers is normally elected to handle the workload.

Some typical dart league officer positions, and descriptions of common duties:

President – Officiates and runs meetings.  The President is usually an official member of all committees. Provides policy guidance to the organization, and generally takes the lead in running the league.

Vice President – Handles the President's duties when necessary, plus is often tasked with organizing special events, projects, or committees.

Treasurer – Responsible for league funds, both cash received and checking accounts, savings, etc. It is a good idea for this person to be bonded, to protect both the treasurer and the organization.

Statistician – Collects team & individual scores, collates the data and makes the scores available to league members on a timely basis.

League Coordinator – Sets up league schedules, helps form new teams, assigns players and teams to appropriate divisions.

Tournament Director - If the organization puts on any sort of major darts tournament or event, it is common to appoint an officer to serve as Tournament Director, or Tournament Coordinator. Sometimes these may be two separate positions. A Darts Tournament Committee is normally appointed to work with the Tournament Director.  The committee members may, or may not, also be league officrs.

Sargeant at Arms – Officially in charge of maintaining order at meetings, this officer is also often in charge of the league's physical property, such as dartboard stands, vehicles or trailers, and meeting supplies such as tables, chairs.

Parliamentarian – Helps maintain order at meetings by keeping track of, and enforcing, bylaws & meeting rules. In most cases that means having a thoroughunderstanding of Robert's Rules of Order.

Pub Laison – Since most darts league play their games in bars, it is extremely important that darts leagues delegate at least one person who will make a point of staying in contact with the league's pubs.  Dart pubs that don't know about league schedules or team changes may decide to remove their dartboards, or stop sponsoring teams.  Pub Laison is a postion that is rarely regarded with the importance it deserves.

Editor – Writes, Edits, & publishes the darts league newsletter, which may be a web site. This position is therefore often combined with another postition called "Webmaster".

Open Position - Fairly often, an organizations will have one or more Board members who do not have specifically assigned duties. This may happen when a Board of Directors must have a certain number of members to fulfill the requirements of the club's charter, but there are not enough actual "jobs" to assign a title.  These officers often take on special projects, and may be assigned to various committees.

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