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Editor's note:  Ralph Schomburg is has run dozens, if not hundreds, of steel-tip darts tournaments throughout the Houston area over the last couple of  decades.  His presence on the tournament stage is always a reassuring sign that an event will be run fairly and professionally.  Here, he has made available the set of spreadsheet pages that he developed to run darts events.   Included are printable brackets for single and double-elimination events, plus a players' sign-up sheet.

Ralph's Tournament Bracket Spreadsheet

Here is an Excel workbook that I have used for years that I would like to share with anyone running a darts tournament.

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The first tab is a double-elimination bracket for 16 positions. The second tab is a single elimination bracket for up to 32 positions. The third tab is a single elimination bracket for up to 16. The fourth tab is a signup sheet for up to 64 and the fifth tab is a signup sheet for 65-128.

Using the double-elimination bracket as an example, you will notice the color-coded numbers 1-16 on the left. I use a deck of playing cards using the Ace-10 of each suit up to the number needed (if more than 40 I use two decks of cards). If pairing partners in blind draw, I use the pairs of red suit and pairs of black suits to match up the players. I shuffle the cards needed for the bracket and spread them out face down on the table and let the players pick a card.

I found that people prefer drawing their own cards - they feel they had something to do with determining their position and partner in the bracket. Then it is just a matter of writing down the names in the bracket positions in the first column.

Advance the names to the right until a match is formed. The loser of the match moves down to the loser's bracket Letter shown in the first bracket (L-A means move the loser to A, L-M means move the loser to M…). If you have more than 16 positions, then split into two equal sized groups and use two sheets with half on one sheet and half on the second sheet.

When you get down to 2 in the winners bracket and 2 in the loser's bracket of each sheet, then transfer the names to another sheet to finish.

Ralph Schomburg

Download Spreadsheet (OpenDoc format)

Download Spreadsheet (Excel Format)

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